At age 7, Bill started a 10 year course  of study that included piano, organ,  guitar, drums and music theory and was performing classical, rock and jazz. Around the early 90's he wrote a string of tunes and started teaching himself the art of  sound reproduction.

By 1996 his world changed as he learned Spanish and became familiar with  the tremendous variety of Latino music, traditional and modern. What an ear opener! Shortly after that he did about 150 backup tracks on Sonar, half in Spanish and the other half in English, and started playing in Mexican restaurants as Guillermo y los Invisibles (Bill and the Invisibles).

Having continued composing, arranging and recording, the next logical step was to offer his services to others. Get in touch and see how he can help you!
A Little History...
Bill Messerschmidt   -  (828) 776-2357